Happy Birthday Pogrom!

30th of april is a very special day for Janow Podlaski Stud. Twelve years ago, an amazing colt apperaed here, later named Pogrom. Sired by QR Marc out of Pętla by Visbaden, is an representative of  famous P-line (the same as for example Pilarka, Palmeta, Pianissima and Pinga).

Pogrom is a very succesful show horse. Competing in Bialka as a yearling he not only won gold, but was also named “Best in show”. Two years later he was sent to United States, where he won Triple Crown, winning in Scottsdale, Las Vegas & Tulsa. In 2017 he became Polish National Senior Gold Champion Stallion. Today he lives happily as chief sire in Janow Podlaski.
Some of pictures which I have posted below were taken in april 2021.

Happy birthday Pogrom!

QR Marc – Pętla/Visbaden

Sire line: Saklavi I 1886 Anazeh Ruala
Damline: Szamrajówka 1810 Biała Cerkiew


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